I’m So Proud of My Queenie

Today was my Queenie’s first real day of work and I am so proud of her.  She jumped at the chance to go in at 5 am and start to learn her new job.  She hasn’t even been trained yet but she didn’t want to miss a chance to start learning.

I have always been impressed by her ability to just jump into new things.  While I am the one who likes to think things through and make sure I am doing everything right she is all for just getting to it and letting the cards fall while they may.

She knows that drives me crazy at times, but I often envy her courage and bravery.

There is a little sign she bought that hangs over our bed that says, “I have found one that my soul loves.”  I truly do love her from the deepest parts of my soul and am so grateful to have someone that is willing to take on the adventure of life with me.


Life is SO Much Better When My Wife is Healthy

I really hate it when my wife is sick.  It falls in line with the saying that if momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.  It really does make me sad to see her sick and not be able to do anything to help her physically.

About all I can do is try and help around the house, and to be honest I am just not as good without her.  Everyone gets fed and cleaned and where they need to go, but something is just missing without my favorite teammate.  

Since we have been back together this month we have probably worked as a team better than just about any other time in our marriage.  I don’t know if It was being apart that made the difference, or if we are just developing our relationship better but I feel like we are doing better.

Sure there are still things to work on, like her following through on the weekly back massages she promised before we were married, but it has been a good month back together.  Life only seems to get busier and busier these days and I know that the only way we will make it through is working together. 

The Big Bang Theory

As much as I have tried to stop watching TV recently it is a little weird that I would be grateful for a TV show, yet here we are.

Not having a TV at home anymore has made it pretty easy to not watch much TV, and for the most part I am really happy about that.  But having been stuck in a hotel for the past few days I have turned on the TV a few times, and one of those times The Big Bang Theory was on.

That has been one of my Queenie and I’s favorite TV shows for a long time now, and it made me happy just to see it on.  It was an episode I had seen before but it gave me a few laughs and more importantly just brought a little joy to my life.  

Admittedly I have not enjoyed the show as much in recent seasons, but it is still amusing and brought back a lot of great memories laughing with my Queenie.  That is one of the things I miss most about not being with her.  There is something wonderful about the simple joy of a laugh. 

I know it is just a silly TV show, but it brought back some great memories, so today I am grateful for The Big Bang Theory.

What are you grateful for?

The Movie “A Beautiful Mind”

This is a movie that I have watched many times before, and always really enjoyed.  If you have not seen A Beautiful Mind, I highly recommend it.  The short version of the story is that it is about John Nash who was a brilliant mathematician who won the Nobel Prize for his work.  He was also a paranoid schizophrenic.

While those details would probably be enough to make a pretty decent movie, the story really is not about those aspects of his life, though they do make up most of the movie.  The real heart of the movie is that it is a love story.  I watched an interview with Ron Howard, the director, and he said as much.

When I first watched the movie, probably 15 years or so ago, I acknowledged the love story, but that was not the interesting part to me.  I was more interested in the power of this man’s mind to overcome his delusions and continue living, though it was a long hard struggle until the day he died.

I think my current situation brought the whole love story into greater relief for me when I watched it today.  Nash’s wife is the reason he was able to overcome such impossible odds and continue to do great work.  She stuck by him despite incredible challenges, and unbelievable struggles.

LYN_5965_3Living without my Queenie for the last three weeks has only deepened my love and appreciation for her.  Not to say that I wouldn’t have preferred spending that time with her, but I have come to realize just how much she does for me personally that I don’t think I ever fully appreciated before now.  Not to mention all that she does for our kids in keeping them busy, fed, educated, clean, etc.

I’m not talking about all of the cooking and cleaning she does either, though I definitely miss her cooking right now.  I’m not even talking about her efforts to keep me socially engaged, which is pretty much the only way that happens.

I am talking about the way that she has become every bit a part of me as much as any of my other body parts, and probably even more so for she has truly become a part of my heart and soul.

I received a blessing back when I was a teenager that told me to look for a wife (someday, not when I was 16) that would be congenial to my soul.  At the time I don’t think I knew what that really meant, nor do I know that I fully appreciated it when I married her.  But, it has become very clear to me in the last three weeks exactly what that means.

I am not even sure that I have the words to explain how that feels to me right now, but I guess the simplest way to describe it is that I feel like a part of me is missing.  Not a physical part of me as much as an emotional and spiritual part of me.  It really is challenging for me to describe it in words.

We have spent significant time apart before, including four months when I was deployed a few years back, and even then it didn’t hit me this bad, and I think I know why.  In every other case I knew when I would see her again.  Even though that return date got moved on occasion courtesy of broken planes or weather, there was always a day for me to look forward to.

But not this time.

I know the day will come, and I have faith that it will be sooner than later, and definitely not even the four months we endured before, but not knowing is just killing both of us inside.  It is like waiting for a package to come without any kind of tracking so who knows when it will get there, only the package is your eternal companion, and is way more important than anything you could order on Amazon.

I’m not really sure why a movie moved me as much as it did today, especially when I have seen it multiple times and knew what was going to happen, but I am glad that it did.  I am grateful for the movie A Beautiful Mind for helping me to better understand just how essential a part of my life my Queenie is.

What are you grateful for?

My Dear Queenie

AmandaDavid0037A blog post is really not sufficient gratitude for the woman that makes my life everything, which is why I hesitated to even put her in here today, but I can never express enough appreciation for her, so here goes.

She is the one that puts up with my constantly changing schedule.  She is the one who literally moved to the other side of the world to support me.  She takes care of my kids better than I ever could as evidenced by the times she leaves me with them and they are always so happy to see her come back.

It makes my heart ache when she is sad, and it brightens my whole life when she is happy.

I mentioned yesterday the transition I am going through at work, and I know how hard that has been on her every day that I don’t come home with any news.  As frustrated as I am with the whole thing, the hardest part for me is watching her struggle with the whole situation.

When we got married I was told to always treat her like the Queen that she is, and it is a constant reminder to me of what she deserves.  Far too often I don’t live up to that status, but it is something I am working on, and likely will for quite some time.

With all of the uncertainty in life I am so lucky to have a sure thing that I can always come home too.  We have been married for ten years with plenty of ups and downs, but I simply could not imagine life without my sweet wife.

She is truly my Evangeline.