I don’t have a lot of deep thought to go with my gratitude tonight, only the fact that love conquers all.

No matter how hard we think life is or how much we struggle the love of a Heavenly Father can, and will, get us through.

Some days there is not much else I know in the world, but tonight I am grateful for love.

What are you grateful for?


Some Thoughts

I have been at this gratitude thing for 50 days now and at the risk of showing gratitude twice in one day, I had some thoughts I wanted to share.

As I believe I said in my very first post, I really am doing this for me.  It is something I had thought about for probably almost a year until I finally started doing it.  I really just wanted to make sure that I was taking time to realize all of the great things I have to be grateful for in my life, because sometimes it is super hard to see them.

Today I had a coworker say she enjoys seeing my posts which really made me happy because I love to do things that provide value to other people.  It has been interesting to see how people have responded over the last 50 days.  It has been generally positive, with only one frustration filled bout of anger at me.

Personally, I think I am happier now than I was 50 days ago, and that is despite having to be without my family for awhile.  I think I am generally more optimistic than I was before, and as I mentioned in my last post, I generally have more hope for my life in general.

I know there are tons of books and such out there that talk about the power of positive thinking and other such topics, and while this was not brought on by reading such a book, I can testify to the value it has brought to my life.

I won’t tell you that you should do this too, because it may not work for you.  What I will encourage you to do, is to find a way to find more hope and joy in your life.  Maybe it is writing something down everyday like I am doing, or maybe it is talking to a certain person who always seems to brighten your day.  I don’t know what will work for you, but I will promise you that if you put forth the effort to find the good in your life it will reap benefits.

We are so programmed these days for instant gratification and instant feedback, but those are not the things that provide the most value.  If we want to truly improve as people we have to be willing to put in the effort to change over time.  It will rarely come suddenly, but it will always be worth it.

I have also really enjoyed the few comments I have received both here and on Facebook of others expressing gratitude for things, and I would encourage others to share as well.  The most important connections we make in life are the emotional ones we make with the people around us, so please share your thoughts.

I am grateful for the improvements that I have seen in my life already and I look forward to what the future will hold.

What are you grateful for?


The whirlwind of emotions that is my life continues.  Yesterday I returned home from the states leaving my family behind for an unknown period of time.

Not knowing when we will be together again is probably the hardest thing about it.  I just really hate not knowing what is happening in my life and having it in someone else’s control.  

Then this afternoon I received some hope in the form of an email from my commander.  The application I submitted a month ago to move where I will eventually end up one way or another has moved on to the last stage of the approval process.

After a month of absolutely no idea what was happening, it gave me a lot of hope that something is actually going to happen, hopefully quickly, to get me back together with my family.

The pessimist in me wants to say that it could still get denied and I will be stuck here another year, but both the optimist and realist in me say that this makes sense for everyone involved so it is going to go through.  

I know there are very few guarantees in this life, which is why I am always grateful for hope in actually getting what I want.

What are you grateful for?