Leg Day is the Best Day

I am not a workout junkie, and I am sure I am not maximizing my effectiveness in the gym, but I try, and that’s good enough for me in this realm.

I do have a fair number of friends that are workout junkie though and one of the most common things I see them argue or tease about is leg day.  It’s funny because it seems like guys tend to neglect it and end up looking like an apple on a toothpick whereas women often focus on it almost exclusively to get that nice butt.

As for me I like leg day for two reasons.  One, my legs are my strongest muscles so I lift the highest numbers on these days.  Two, because I lift more weight, I am generally the most sore after the workout, and I love that post workout exhaustion that runs into the following days.

I am slowly making gains in the gym, which I am sure is hindered by my lack of selfies while at the gym, but I am grateful today was leg day because it always seems to be the most fulfilling.

What are you grateful for?


Being Utterly Exhausted

As you may have guessed by the title, I am totally beat tonight so this will be short.  I really wanted to write about why I am exhausted but I don’t have the time or energy to do it justice at the moment.

What I love about being completely worn out, is that it is generally because you have been incredibly busy with work or playing, but whatever it is, you put a whole lot of energy into it, and that is generally a good thing.

That’s why tonight I am grateful for being utterly exhausted.

What are you thankful for?