Exercise is a Key to My Happiness

I have been a little down for the last few days and I really couldn’t put my finger on why.  I had spent some nice time with friends, and gotten a few things done but still didn’t feel quite right.

Today I lounged around for most of the day before deciding I needed to go to the gym, which I hadn’t done in a few days.  At first I was really struggling with getting motivated to lift and I almost just left a couple of times.

But, I powered through and actually had a pretty good workout.  As I was driving home from the gym I realized how much happier I felt.  I was tired and sweaty but I also felt genuine happiness.

That’s when it dawned on me how important exercise is to my happiness.  I know all the exercise freaks out there are saying “DUH” right now, but I am not talking about the scientific side of things with the chemicals that are released during exercise that make you feel better.

I realize that also plays a role in the whole thing, but as I thought about it I realized how much joy I gain from physical activity.  It could be a nice walk with my family, a hike through the mountains, fishing, playing sports, working out at the gym, or any number of other activities.  

The point is that I NEED physical activity to be happy.  I need to use the body that God gave me to help other people and to enjoy this amazingly beautiful world he gave us.

I would say that subconsciously I have always known this, but now that I am acknowledging it out loud I will better be able to get myself out of ruts by finding some good exercise to get me going again.


A Patch Hanging is a Chance to Remember

Lots of units in the military have all different types of traditions when it comes to saying goodbye to people.  Because this happens so often in the military, it is an important part of building unity and cohesiveness.

In our squadron, the tradition is to have a patch hanging when people leave.  It is an opportunity for anyone who wants to tell funny or inspiring stories about the person who is leaving, and then they take their name patch off their uniform and hang it on the wall where it will hang forever.

It is a great time to laugh and think about all of the great times you had together as a squadron family.  As someone that does not drink alcohol the stories about me were very take but greatly appreciated.

It really sucks that I am having to leave a year earlier than planned, but now that it is here I am ready for the next chapter.  As I hung my patch today it was really weird to be the one standing up there saying goodbye.  

I had some amazing experiences here, and met even more incredible people that influenced me in so many ways.  My life has changed more in these last two years than in any other two years before now, and I am so grateful for these changes.

It is definitely bitter sweet to be saying goodbye, but I will forever be grateful for the memories.

Softball is My Second Great Love

I would say it is funny how we let things that are important to us slip out of our lives but it really just sad.  Softball was a huge part of my life for about five years, and then it just sort of slipped away.

I guess life getting in the way would be my excuse but that is all it would be.  How could I ever let something that means so much to me slip away?  

I had the opportunity to play again last night and even though we lost, which still totally sucks, it was so much fun.  I forgot how much it really speaks to me.

If I’m not mistaken I even wrote a post similar to this one a few months back, but how quickly I fell back into the same old excuses again.  I may have a legitimate excuse for the next few months since the season is over, but I am going to stop making those excuses come next spring and get back to doing something I love.

Pretty Flowers can Appear Anywhere

I have always really enjoyed gardening.  There is something magical about a little seed turning into a big plant and even sprouting fruits or vegetables.

We didn’t really get to into it here in Japan for a number of reasons but I can’t wait to go at it hard next spring.

While we did try to grow a few flowers in front of our none of them really grew.  It may have been the soil or our kids picking at them, but for whatever reason they just didn’t grow so we didn’t even try this year.

Then about a month or two ago I noticed some green sprouting out of the flower box in front of our house.  I just figured they were weeds and didn’t think much of it.  A couple of weeks later some little bids started appearing and now there are full on flowers.

I half wonder if my great neighbors planted something to help brighten my day since they knew my family is gone.  However they came to be there, they have been a pleasant sight to come home to everyday.

Getting Back to the Gym Makes You Feel Better

Courtesy of work I had not been in the gym since last Thursday, and even that was a bit of a lackluster session.  It is amazing how much I have come to really enjoy going to the gym.

It has been much easier without responsibilities to get home to, but I would gladly trade my gym time for time with my Queenie and kids.  It has been a great jumping off point though that hopefully will maintain once I get back with them.

I have had two different people in the last week or so ask if I have been eating better or something, which I haven’t, but I guess that means the exercise has been effective.  I know I certainly feel better than I used to.  

In the past I would have let the three day break totally derail me, so I am glad that didn’t happen this time.  It is so important to take care of all aspects of your body: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. I can really tell a difference now that I have been making the effort to give them.all the time they need.

Dr. Pepper is Delicious

Dr. Pepper, or as my little sister likes to refer to it, the nectar of the gods, is probably my favorite drink, with root beer being a close second.  

Even though I would love to drink so much that I would need to fill my car like the picture below, I know that would be bad for me so I try to restrict myself as much as possible.  But every once in awhile you just need a delicious beverage.  

Just to help ease any concern you may have for my health, that is my car, but not all of my beverages.  I was helping set up for a festival.

Lunchables are Such a Great Quick Snack

I know they are terrible for you and provide very little real nutrional value, but they are still just fun even though I am an adult.  I still enjoy making those little sandwiches.

I got home relatively late after a very long day at a little festival here on base and I had no desire to make anything.  I also just really wanted a little snack and the whole way home I was wondering what I had that would fill my wants.

I opened the fridge and there it was. The lunchables that I had bought only because it was $0.50 and I thought I might want it as a snack one day.  Sure enough it came to my rescue tonight.

I can’t remember the last time I had one before this though my kids do have them on occasion.  I was just super grateful I had it tonight because it was the perfect fit for my wants.