Enjoying My New Home

I have already written about how much I love living in Reno.  It is so wonderful to be back in the mountains.  I have also mentioned how awesome the disc golf is here.

I went to a new course today that is every bit as good as the other one I usually go too, if not better.  It certainly was more challenging, but I look forward to having that push me to do better.

My favorite part was the awesome view from the course as it was set in the hills and had an amazing view of the whole area.

I am just so happy living in this picturesque area.


The Turkey Bowl Reminds Me I’m Not as Young as I Was

One of my favorite traditions on Thanksgiving is the playing of the Turkey Bowl.  It is always a group of dudes that have no business playing sports with a decent chance of getting hurt, along with a few young guys that make me feel even older.

I almost didn’t go this year because I had too much cooking to do, but my wife essentially kicked me out of the house, but I’m glad she did.  I didn’t know a single person there and I am definitely in more pain than before I played, but it was a good time.

It is always a good time when you get outside and exercise.  It feels good to use your body and physically acknowledge how blessed you are to have a body that works.  I know the day will come when I can no longer play, but for now I will continue to enjoy the pain. 

The Generosity of Strangers

It never ceases to amaze me how generous people can be.  I almost wrote about this last week but I am glad I waited another week.  

Last week I went disc golfing at our local course, which is the nicest course I’ve ever played and I love it, and I caught up with a group of guys playing.  They let me play through since I was by myself, but then one of them decided to join me.

It turns out Doc is a professional disc golfer and he gave me a few tips and let me use some of his discs.  After we were done we walked to his van and he gave me one of his discs because apparently mine are just cheap garbage.  

I went out last week and seriously struggled with the new disc, though I will blame it on the wind.  I went back out today and played much better, and who did I stumble across on the back nine but Doc again.  He was playing with another relatively inexperienced guy just like he had with me.  

We played out the rest of the round and he again walked to his van and gave me another disc.  I know it is a relatively small thing, but it meant a lot to me.  He did more than most just by giving tips and letting me borrow some discs, but he took it to the next level by giving me discs.

I have always found disc golfers to be friendly and generous, but Doc has really just blown me away.  I hope that I have the chance to pay it forward in the future.

First Snow of the Year

There has been a blanket of white on the tops of the mountains here for quite awhile, but this morning the snow actually fell on our house with more than a few flakes.  I tried to take a picture but snow is not easy to photograph.

My kids were super excited, but I think I was even more excited.  I just love the snow in the mountains, it makes me so happy and brings back so many great memories. 

Since we were driving out of town I am glad it didn’t really stick, but I am still glad I got to see it.

I Love the Winter Chill

I may be a little weird in this way but I really love it when it cools down.  I don’t know what it is about the fall into the winter, but it just makes me happy.  

The colors are nice, the snow is beautiful, and the food is great, but there really is just something about smelling the chill in the air that brings a smile to my face.

Maybe I just had lots of great memories at this time of year so I subconsciously feel happier.  I did use to love playing football with my friends in the snow and I loved playing in the leaves when I was even younger.

It is just a great time of the year.

Fall is a Festival of Colors

My wife took this picture this morning and I just had to share it because it is the way I get to start my day every day right now.  

I have always really loved fall for so many reasons; football, World Series, snow, and last but not least the fall colors.  I love watching the leaves change and seeing the new palette of colors cross the mountains.

I am now lucky enough to have the most beautiful bright red tree in my own front yard.  We even have a window over the front door that allows me to see that flaming tree every morning as I head down the stairs.  

It really is the perfect way to brighten the beginning of my day.

I Need More Places Like the Temple in My Life

For those of you not familiar with Mormons, we generally have two types of buildings where we go to worship.  We have our meetinghouses where we go on Sundays to worship and even during the week for other activities and events.  They range from large beautiful buildings to rooms rented over marijuana shops (yes it really was).

These buildings are open to anyone and everyone who would like to worship with us, and they are important to our worship and happiness.  They are where the vast majority of our services take place and there are thousands all over the world.

The other buildings that we utilize for worshiping are temples.  These buildings are much less common (only 157 currently operating in the world), and hold a more sacred place in our worship.  They are the place where we go to be sealed together for eternity as well as perform ordinances for those who have already passed away.

If you would like to learn more about the differences please let me know and I would love to explain more.  For the purposes of this post, those descriptions should suffice.

I had the opportunity to go to the temple here in Reno with my wife today and it was such a nice experience.  It was a bit rushed getting there, and we almost didn’t make it, as is often the case when you try and do something you know to be right, but we did, and it was wonderful.

There is such an overwhelming peace that comes with going to the temple and being surrounded by the spirit.  The busier my life gets the more important it is for me to take time for these spiritually rejuvenating events.  It only took a couple of hours, but it gave me time to refocus myself on what is most important in life and where I need to be putting my effort.

While temples are special, it is vitally important for us to find other places where we can also find peace and comfort and to commune with God.  Many prophets in the past would go into the mountains to find such places.  While we don’t need to have the types of experiences like Moses did, it is important for us to find places where we can clear our mind and refresh ourselves spiritually, whether we are religious or not.

For most of my life the mountains were always that place for me.  I could just sit up in the trees or around a fire and do nothing for hours.  It was always an amazing way to clear my mind and refocus whatever was going on in my life.

Once I stopped living in the mountains, the beach became that place for me, and unfortunately as time went on I kind of stopped looking for those places.  Thankfully, God has brought me back to the mountains where I can again go to find peace, like I did earlier this week when I went fishing.

Life is full of important stressful things that we need to do, but few things will reap more benefits than taking the time to be still, relax, and reset.  We all need that on occasion, but it is often the first thing we give up when life gets busy.