Why Does Food Bring Us Together?

I really love food. There are just so many delicious options and combinations out there. You can take the same ingredients and with just one or two adjustments make a significantly different meal.

One thing that is incredibly fascinating about food is how it brings people together. Pretty much every church activity I have ever been to involved food of some sort. When you help someone move they generally provide donuts or pizza. When babies are born we often make food for the new family. At weddings we always have food and drinks. Even when someone dies it is common to share a meal together.

So why do we always eat together? My thought is that food is one of the great unifiers. No matter who you are or where you come from, we all have to eat if we want to stay alive. Food is also something that is universally enjoyable. While we don’t all enjoy all of the same foods, there are common staples that are widely enjoyed and give us a common ground from which to start conversations and build relationships.

While it would be easy to overlook food as simply necessary to sustain life, I really feel that it plays a much more important role in the social dynamics of our society.


I Love Ice Cream Sandwiches

There was a time that I would tell people that I didn’t really have a sweet tooth.  Looking back now that was really just a lie.  While I don’t need sugar and candy everyday, I really do enjoy a lot of them.

Today I just happened to have an ice cream sandwich.  While it was just a poor knockoff of my favorite ice cream sandwich, The Fat Boy, it was still quite delicious.  My other favorite are those Toll House cookie ones that is just ice cream in between two cookies.

I know they aren’t good for me, but life is meant to be enjoyed.  As long as you aren’t eating that crap everyday, or the whole box in one sitting, I think it all works out.

I Love a Good Porkchop

I made a fine meal for dinner tonight which included a quite delicious porkchop.  Along with some homemade mac and cheese and some fresh green beans and salad, it was quite a lovely meal.

Fortunately, I have a wife who thinks about these things so we actually have all different types of food to eat.  If it was just me there would be a ton of pasta and a lot of canned vegetables.

Donuts are Freaking Delicious

I really am a fat kid at heart, which really sucks as a military member because getting fat will ruin your career.  Oh yeah, and it isn’t good to be unhealthy either.

What I am really trying to say is that sometimes a donut just really hits the spot.  For better or worse, there is a little bakery in the building next to mine and it has been an unofficial tradition for me to go over there before every flight.  

Since I haven’t been flying much recently it has been quite some time since I actually got a donut.  So when I had a bit of free time this morning I decided I would walk over there and get one.  

To be clear these donuts are nothing special, though one cannot be too picky when you live in Japan.  But they are a good quality donut that just really hits the spot when you need one.

On a sidenote, my wife does not enjoy donuts but I still married her.  Proof that you can cross the aisle and work with someone even if they are insane enough to not like donuts.

Dr. Pepper is Delicious

Dr. Pepper, or as my little sister likes to refer to it, the nectar of the gods, is probably my favorite drink, with root beer being a close second.  

Even though I would love to drink so much that I would need to fill my car like the picture below, I know that would be bad for me so I try to restrict myself as much as possible.  But every once in awhile you just need a delicious beverage.  

Just to help ease any concern you may have for my health, that is my car, but not all of my beverages.  I was helping set up for a festival.

Lunchables are Such a Great Quick Snack

I know they are terrible for you and provide very little real nutrional value, but they are still just fun even though I am an adult.  I still enjoy making those little sandwiches.

I got home relatively late after a very long day at a little festival here on base and I had no desire to make anything.  I also just really wanted a little snack and the whole way home I was wondering what I had that would fill my wants.

I opened the fridge and there it was. The lunchables that I had bought only because it was $0.50 and I thought I might want it as a snack one day.  Sure enough it came to my rescue tonight.

I can’t remember the last time I had one before this though my kids do have them on occasion.  I was just super grateful I had it tonight because it was the perfect fit for my wants.

I Love a Good PB&J

I don’t know if there is a more simple joy in the food realm than a PB&J.  There are just so many excellent variations when you consider all of the different J options.

All of them are good, but some are certainly better than others(raspberry).  They are great for lunch, they are great for dinner, they are great for breakfast, they are great for a snack any time of the day.

You can have crunchy peanut butter or creamy (if you hate delicious food, or have a medical condition like a friend of mine).  It can be on white or wheat or sourdough.  Normal bread or toasted.  With a glass of milk or without.

You can also go to the variant of PB&B because bananas should not be made into a jam/jelly but they are delicious with peanut butter.

It is also delicious to put chips on a good PB&J.  Fritos have always been a favorite of mine, but other options are also delicious.  I don’t know if it is possible to have a bad PB&J.

My apologies to any grammar nazis out there because I know this post just hurt you to the core, but it just needed to come out the way it wanted to tonight.

Simple food is some of the best there is, and a PB&J is right near the top of the list of best simple foods.