Thai Food

I have loved Thai food since the first time I had it in Seattle about 13 years ago.  It is just so freaking delicious.  

I have been to Thailand a few times now and the food is different than in America as usual but is still incredibly delicious.  It doesn’t even have to be spicy either.

If you haven’t ever had it I highly recommend you do.  Having just been there to enjoy it again, I am super grateful for Thai Food.

What are you grateful for?

Chicken and Waffles

In keeping with not going more than a few days without mentioning food, I present to you chicken and waffles.

At first glance, this is an unlikely pairing, but once you have had it, it just makes so much sense.  I will not insult your intelligence as it truly is as simple as it sounds.  A yummy waffle with syrup, and some delicious fried chicken.  In this case they include some buffalo chicken sauce which I find to be a delicious accent to the meal. 

I know it isn’t very healthy, but it is delicious, and it put a smile on my face this morning.  That’s why today I am grateful for chicken and waffles.

What are you grateful for?


It just feels like another day I should be grateful for food.  Now just to be clear up front, when I say ramen I am not talking about that 10 cent crap that college students live on.

What I am talking about is the delicious, authentic, wonderfulness that is Japanese ramen.  At it’s heart it is incredibly basic, essentially broth and noodles, but it is just so yummy.

You add in some sprouts and maybe some pork, some spicy sauce of some sort, maybe an egg if that is your thing.  There are tons of different variants, but I don’t know that I have had a bad one.

My absolute favorite is in Okinawa at a noodle shop near American Village.  They make a steak ramen that is simply to die for.  The one complaint I usually have about ramen is the meat is not substantial enough, but at this place they take a steak and slice it up to put it in the ramen.

It is amazing!

There are some aspects of Japanese food I will certainly miss whenever I leave, and one of those things is definitely ramen.  That’s why today I am grateful for ramen.

What are you thankful for?

My Neighbor Linda

I got home from the gym tonight only to realize that I was out of milk, and that the store would be closed before I could get back to the other side of base.  Since I actually need milk I bit the bullet and drove over to the gas station to by some.  Since it was getting later and I didn’t want to cook I took advantage of the Subway in the gas station.

Upon arriving home, and before I could even get out of my car, I heard someone say, “Did you eat dinner yet?”  This was my wonderful neighbor Linda, and when I came around the back of my car she was standing there in her apron staring at me with some concern in her eyes.

Linda has been my kids’ psuedo-grandma while we have been in Japan.  She spoils them with treats whenever they ask, and she is incapable of telling my little Hannah no.  She is also a fantastic cook, and even mows my lawn because she says she finds it therapeutic and that I better not take that away from her.

In response to her question I held up my Subway bag to which she responded with rolled eyes.  She then proceeded to go back into her house and return with BBQ pulled pork and rolls for me to eat for dinner or lunch, or whenever I wanted.  About a week ago she showed up at my house with a mint chocolate chip ice cream pie.

While I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, it is so comforting to know that there is someone else looking out for me since my wife is not around to do so.  She really is the sweetest lady in the whole world, and our family’s life will be a little less happy without her in it.

She will never see this post since she doesn’t use social media, but that does not make my gratitude for her any less sincere.  She has been a blessing of unbelievable value for me and my family, and that is why today I am grateful for my amazing neighbor Linda.

What are you grateful for?


I’m pretty sure I have mentioned that I love food.  It is just so delicious and such a comfort in many situations.

One of my favorite foods will always be pasta.  Especially when I am without my family it is just a super simple meal to cook.  

I came home tonight after the gym and work and wanted something other than a sandwich.  So I browned up some ground beef, cooked some pasta, through a little sauce on it, and Bam, dinner.

As much as I enjoy a complex, gourmet meal, it is also nice to have a simple meal on occasion, which is why tonight I am grateful for pasta.

What are you grateful for?


I have essentially been awake for 30+ hours so this will be short but I have to maintain my theme.

We made it back to America and we are so thrilled to be here.  This is my wife’s first trip back in two years.  It is totally freaking her out being back on the right side of the road with the steering wheel on the left.

We went to one of our favorite restaurants tonight, BJ’s and had delicious pizza, fantastic root beer, and the famous pizookie that can’t help but make you happy.

I would type more if my brain was capable, but suffice it to say I am super grateful to be back in America, and maybe even moreso, that my wife can be too.

Indian Curry

Food is so wonderful.  Even something simple can be a welcome surprise on an otherwise uneventful day.  Today that welcome surprise was some delicious Indian Curry.

I have a good friend at work that I don’t see too often because he is so busy, but whenever we get the chance, we go to lunch together, and it is always at our favorite Indian restaurant.  There is just something wonderful about the strong flavors in Indian food that really doesn’t compare to a lot of other options.

It also helps that the people who work there are super friendly, something that far too many establishments undervalue these days.

While the food is wonderful, it is also an amazing opportunity to catch up with a good friend.  We have discussed everything from family to money to career plans.  It is so great to just spend an hour or so chatting about anything with someone who is going through much the same life changes that I am.

Food is just one of those wonderful things that brings people together, and honestly can create some of the best memories, which is why delicious Indian food is what I am grateful for today.