Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

I am not an incredibly social person.  If there were a picture of an introvert in the dictionary, I could easily be there.  It isn’t that I don’t like being around people, I just really struggle to start conversations and make new friends.

As the few friends I do have would tell you, once you get me going on the right subject I may never stop.  Fortunately for me, I have a wife that forces me to be social far more often than I would choose to be on my own.

Tonight she made me go to a theme Christmas party.  She forwarded me the invitation which I subconciously ignored until she started putting our costumes together.  This is totally her type of thing, and totally not mine, but it was good to get to know more people in our new home better.

We had some nice treats, and some good laughs, and just a nice time with a lot of really nice people.  It was super out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad we went because I need to expand myself, and we really do need to make some good friends since we are planning to stay here for a long time.


My Queenie Playing the Piano Brings Me Peace

I have always loved how musical my Queenie is.  It is one of the things I always found very attractive.  Unfortunately, life often gets in the way and she doesn’t get to be as musical as she would like.

Today though she was listening to music with the kids when she decided to sit down at the piano and start playing and singing.  It always just warms my heart to hear her play and sing.  You can really feel how much she loves it when she sings and plays.

When she was done you could see a physical difference in her presence as she was so much more happy and relaxed.  Not only did I enjoy the moment, it is a good reminder to me of how important it is to take care of yourself.

Yes we have to take care of work and school and family, but we also need to just take breaks and relax.  We need to do things that are just fun and bring us joy.  This was a great reminder to me as I head into what will likely be a busy week.

I’m So Proud of My Queenie

Today was my Queenie’s first real day of work and I am so proud of her.  She jumped at the chance to go in at 5 am and start to learn her new job.  She hasn’t even been trained yet but she didn’t want to miss a chance to start learning.

I have always been impressed by her ability to just jump into new things.  While I am the one who likes to think things through and make sure I am doing everything right she is all for just getting to it and letting the cards fall while they may.

She knows that drives me crazy at times, but I often envy her courage and bravery.

There is a little sign she bought that hangs over our bed that says, “I have found one that my soul loves.”  I truly do love her from the deepest parts of my soul and am so grateful to have someone that is willing to take on the adventure of life with me.

Life is SO Much Better When My Wife is Healthy

I really hate it when my wife is sick.  It falls in line with the saying that if momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.  It really does make me sad to see her sick and not be able to do anything to help her physically.

About all I can do is try and help around the house, and to be honest I am just not as good without her.  Everyone gets fed and cleaned and where they need to go, but something is just missing without my favorite teammate.  

Since we have been back together this month we have probably worked as a team better than just about any other time in our marriage.  I don’t know if It was being apart that made the difference, or if we are just developing our relationship better but I feel like we are doing better.

Sure there are still things to work on, like her following through on the weekly back massages she promised before we were married, but it has been a good month back together.  Life only seems to get busier and busier these days and I know that the only way we will make it through is working together. 

I’m Glad I’m Able to Help My Wife

I am going back to work tomorrow after a few weeks off courtesy of my transition from active duty to the Guard, and I am thrilled about it.  As much as I enjoy time off when I am getting paid, I start to get antsy to get back to work and actually do things.

The biggest upside of these last two weeks is all of the time I have gotten to spend with my family.  Just today I was able to go and have lunch with my kids at school and it was great.

It has also been nice to be able to help my Queenie so much after all of the amazing work she did by herself for the two and a half months that we were apart.  I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to her for how amazing she does every time we are apart.

I can’t even imagine being a military spouse, so I am grateful that I have been able to make up for the time apart these last few weeks.  We have had more time to talk and be together too, which has been great as well.

I will miss all of that time now that I am going back to work, but it will just make our time together after the kids are in bed that much more special.

The Big Bang Theory

As much as I have tried to stop watching TV recently it is a little weird that I would be grateful for a TV show, yet here we are.

Not having a TV at home anymore has made it pretty easy to not watch much TV, and for the most part I am really happy about that.  But having been stuck in a hotel for the past few days I have turned on the TV a few times, and one of those times The Big Bang Theory was on.

That has been one of my Queenie and I’s favorite TV shows for a long time now, and it made me happy just to see it on.  It was an episode I had seen before but it gave me a few laughs and more importantly just brought a little joy to my life.  

Admittedly I have not enjoyed the show as much in recent seasons, but it is still amusing and brought back a lot of great memories laughing with my Queenie.  That is one of the things I miss most about not being with her.  There is something wonderful about the simple joy of a laugh. 

I know it is just a silly TV show, but it brought back some great memories, so today I am grateful for The Big Bang Theory.

What are you grateful for?

School Starting

So this gratitude is really just an extension of my wife’s gratitude, but as it brought her great joy, I too am grateful for it.

Our two oldest kids started school today!

While it is not a total break for my wife yet, she still cut her responsibility in half on a daily basis.  I am happy to report that the kids had a great time getting settled into their new school.

I remember being a kid and always being excited to go back to school.  By the end of summer I was generally bored and just wanted something to do so school was a welcome distraction.

I am so glad that my wife will have more freedom now, and I will be even more excited when the other two start in about a month.  I meant to pull the picture from her Facebook page to show how excited she was, but the computer is off so that will have to wait for tomorrow.

Some of the greatest joy we can experience in life is celebrating the joys of others, which is why today I am grateful for school starting so my wife can get a little break.

What are you grateful for?